A unique Danish investment and development company

We are an investment and development company providing capital, solid business experience and a strong network in order to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses. We cover all of Denmark from our offices in Aarhus, Roskilde, Copenhagen, Viborg and Kalundborg.

This is how we work

CAPNOVA contributes to turning the ideas of innovative entrepreneurs into successful businesses by investing governmental, regional and own venture capital. We can invest up to DKK 6 million in a business under the Danish Government's Innovation Incubator Scheme.

CAPNOVA also offers expert advice and efficiently tackles specific challenges together with the businesses. Moreover, we assist in fundraising to facilitate the access of portfolio companies and other companies to the development funds of Danish and international foundations.

We only invest in projects that have their main activity in Denmark and where the project company is registered in Denmark.

The objective of our efforts is to create growth and sustainable jobs.

The CAPNOVA name

CAPNOVA is a contraction of the words capital and innovation.

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