Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy

The national accelerator programme, Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy, is run by CAPNOVA and offers ambitious programmes for enterprises with international ambitions and potential for high growth within the sectors:

Bioeconomy - Industrial Symbiosis - Biotech Production - Biomass Use and Optimization

We welcome start-ups as well as small and medium sized enterprises to be part of an elite of high growth companies in Denmark.

As a Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy participant, your company will have access to highly specialized competencies, workshops and collaborate with established leaders in the field. A personal and specialized consultant will follow you throughout the programme to ensure that it meets the challenges and possibilities specific to your enterprise and provides maximum value for your business.

Each accelerator programme is tailor-made to suit your business needs within four areas:

  • Go to market strategy
  • Organizational development
  • Product maturing
  • Fundraising (funds, grants etc.)

The duration of an accelerator programme is from 4 to 12 months and consists of a minimum of 180 expert hours (or up to 540 hours depending on your business challenges).

Entry requirements:

  • Significant growth potential and ambitions
  • A strong management team
  • Small and medium SMEs must have a relevant current and/or potential product portfolio
  • Start-ups must be close to product launch or already on the market.
  • International start-ups and enterprises must be ready to relocate or expand part of their business to Denmark.

Application procedure:

  • Written application to CAPNOVA,
  • Cut-off dates for application in 2018 are: 13 March, 11 June, 12 September and 4 December.
  • Evaluation by CAPNOVA staff and industry experts.

Download the application form here

Former/present participants in the programme are:


Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy
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