Vision / Mission

At CAPNOVA we want to create strong and viable businesses for the benefit of the entrepreneurs, the businesses, society and CAPNOVA. At CAPNOVA we therefore operate with three bottom lines.


First, we want to ensure the success of our portfolio companies. Second, we want society to measure us by our success in creating growth and jobs. Third, we want to ensure that CAPNOVA is financially strong to allow us to follow the best companies all the way. Therefore, we want to:

  • Create positive financial results for CAPNOVA
  • Ensure a high rate of survival and success rate for our portfolio businesses
  • Contribute to the development of growth businesses and jobs for the benefit of society

The road to success

Our experience shows that creating a successful business is not done by capital alone. We know that a combination of capital, development funds, our experts acting as sounding boards and our strong business network make a noticeable difference for the businesses.

At the end of the day this combination is decisive for the success of the businesses that we invest in. Therefore, we have a strong team of experts who are prepared to offer advice, act as sounding boards and contribute to the business development. At the early stage of the investment process we focus on how our investment can be supplemented by additional capital from another investor or development funds.


It is part of CAPNOVA's DNA that all entrepreneurs and businesses are given a proper, professional and fair treatment.

Fairness implies that we speak bluntly and avoid hoodwinking people. We say things as they are and strive to communicate clearly. Only in this way can we be certain that all parties know where they stand.

This is what makes most sense when we are going to work together!

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