Food Tech

Denmark belongs to the absolute elite in innovative food and food tech with large, internationally renowned companies and world class competencies in the field.

In CAPNOVA, we believe there is potential to grow even further and we therefore have a strategic focus on food investments. To support this focus, we have developed accelerator programmes like BIOPRO and Growing Food CPH in partnership with top Danish research institutions in the field. Furthermore, we have teamed up with an advisory board consisting of highly specialized experts from the Danish food business.

We invest in the entire value chain within food and food tech from production to convenience, but we also invest in the intersection with other areas such as IT, health and bioeconomy. Our investments thereby contribute to many of the global challenges that the world and the food businesses are facing today.

Are you a start-up?

CAPNOVA aims to build a portfolio of winners who can influence the food business positively with scalable and innovative solutions. Contact our food team if you wish to discuss your project with us.

Are you a private investor?

Contact our food team if you, like us, see a potential in food and food tech and wish to discuss the options for co-investing in one of our companies

See our present food investments

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