Food Tech

We have reserved up to half of our funds for investments in the food industry. We have done this because we believe it to be an industry with many good ideas that have yet to be developed into good businesses.

- It might be investments in a company looking to produce packaging in a new, ground-breaking way. It could also be an investment in manufacturing engineering or relevant environmental technology, as we have already done with Infuser who specializes in cleaning water and air, states Kim Ove Olsen, CEO of CAPNOVA with responsibility for Food Tech.

Denmark is in the absolute world elite with regard to food production, development and safety. However, Denmark is not utilizing the full potential of its strong position as a food cluster that is in fact the third largest in the world.

Unlike industries such as cleantech and computer games, food technology has not yet seen a rise of new, innovative companies contributing to push the entire industry forward. CAPNOVA intends to change this.

We want to invest in ideas within the industry to start a positive development, creating growth and new jobs. We want to help establish a healthy financial ecosystem in the industry, as we have done previously in the computer game industry.


CAPNOVA intends to invest up to DKK 25 million annually in the industry. Additionally, we will cooperate with powerful industry forces to establish a strong equity fund that can strengthen innovation within the food industry.

Do you want to join?

Are you an investor, and do you also see the potential in an “uncultivated” business such as Food Tech? Then have a talk with us to learn more about the equity fund or the possibility of entering one of our portfolio companies as a business angel.

Do you have a good idea?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, if you are already in the process of developing your own food project or technology, or if you simply have a good Food Tech idea with potential to become a lucrative business, do not hesitate to contact our talented Food Tech team.

What is Food Tech?

Food Tech is concerned with methods, processes and techniques connected to food production.

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