Get funding for your development project

Does your company need funds to complete a project or initiate a planned process? We help our portfolio companies to seek funds for their ideas to be realized.

There are a lot of foundations with the purpose of supporting development projects for companies within various areas. However, it can be difficult to find out if your development project fits in any of the programs.

Development project

A development project is an activity that has to do with a company’s development of new and improved products, processes, procedures, methods or technologies within ICT, clean tech, health and industry among others. It is possible to apply for funding for some of these activities.

We help

CAPNOVA helps the portfolio companies to find the right foundation, which makes the most sense to seek means from. We know the requirements and the prerequisites in various support programs and we can help to deal with challenges during the application process.
We will also help you find proper, relevant partners for your project, who will bring new knowledge and network to your project. In addition, we provide you with solid, professional sparring for the application.

It works

CAPNOVA’s fundraising activities had its origin in the Danish region of Zealand in 2011, where we in the CAT Link project guided companies to find the right partners and seek funding for them to realize their ideas. An external evaluations report from Oxford Research has established that the initiative has had a positive effect in the region. We have during the first three years contributed to a significant increase in development funds for companies from Zealand and it has meant an additional 200 million Danish kroner for companies in the region. The report concludes, it has helped to grow the market and it has created new jobs.

CAPNOVA’s fundraising activities in the region of Zealand continues in the project SMV Innovation.


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