We help you find way through the maze of subsidies

CAPNOVA helps businesses and institutions in Region Zealand and Eastern Jutland to find way through the maze of subsidies. We know the requirements and preconditions of the subsidy schemes and offer assistance in meeting the challenges that come up under way, both in respect of project development, composition of the right partnerships and the application process.

CAPNOVA provides guidance on subsidy schemes in Denmark and the EU. We assist in the individual project application and in analysing the potential subsidies in the short and long term.

A good project ensures:

  • the highest possible value for the business
  • lasting effect in the form of growth and jobs
  • new knowledge
  • new networks and collaborative relationships


Based on your project idea, development plan, strategy and budgets we assess whether your business, idea or product complies with the requirements and preconditions of the individual subsidy schemes.

We help adjust your project idea to match the requirements of the subsidy schemes. We know the opportunities, and sometimes it is only necessary to make small changes and adjustments. At other times, more comprehensive changes are required. In that case we refer you to other stakeholders who can help you in the further process.

Application process

We provide guidance on how to write the perfect application. Where do you find the guidelines and what do they mean? How do you work out a good project plan, what should you write to ensure that those assessing the applications understand your project? We guide you through all this.

The strong partnership

Cooperating with the right partners is pivotal to the success of the project. The right partners contribute new knowledge and networks to you project. Sometimes this results in new approaches that can boost the business potential.

CAPNOVA offers to go carefully over your project partnership to ensure that it embraces the required competencies. A strong partnership comprises people with knowledge of and insight into the industry, who complement each other and who have the strength and commitment to create tangible results. You can start by using this partnership model and stakeholder analysis to overhaul your partnership.

CAPNOVA's fundraising activities are financed by Region Zealand, Business Region Aarhus and the EU.

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