CAPNOVA has a specific focus on digital and interactive business opportunities, with a big international potential. Our industry knowledge is deeply rooted and we have a strong network.

Since 1998, we have contributed with capital and business development for more than 100 companies within the digital and interactive field. We focus on strong entrepreneurial teams and companies, who with their business model gives “power” to the value chain within areas where products, services and processes can be improved significantly through digitalization. It could be innovative business solutions within education, health, finance, logistics and trade, energy and entertainment.

Examples of companies that we have invested in are Icura, that develops technologies for home rehabilitation and Nord.Investment, that has developed a digital investment service for investment-hungry Danes.

In the last 10 years CAPNOVA has focused heavily on investments in innovative computer games. As Denmark’s most active investor in this area, we have contributed to a long range of computer games with success coming out on the global market. This is the case with the worldwide successes of Subway Surfers and Limbo, amongst others.

Yearly, CAPNOVA invests upwards 25 million DKK on the digital, interactive area, and makes 12-15 new investments.

Do you have a good idea?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, if you are already in the process of developing an app or a game, or if you simply have a good Interactive idea with potential to become a lucrative business, do not hesitate to contact our talented Interactive team.

Do you want to join us?

Are you an investor, and do you also see the potential in a business with wild growth rates? Then have a talk with us about the possibility of entering one of our portfolio companies as a business angel.

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