About us

CAPNOVA Game Invest is a division of CAPNOVA.

CAPNOVA has existed since the 1st of January 2014 and is a merger of the two companies CAT and Østjysk Innovation. Before the merger CAPNOVA Game Invest went under the name CAT Game Invest and was a part of CAT, which started in 1998 as a privately held company investing both public and private pre-seed/seed capital in Danish start-ups in many different business segments.

Read more about CAPNOVA here.

Track record

In 2006 CAPNOVA Game Invest stepped into computer gaming, and has since then gradually increased its investment activities in this segment. Until now we have invested in 43 game companies.

In 2013 we made a great exit from Multiverse ApS with a very interesting ROI.

Our average investment is US $500,000 per company, while the maximum investment size is US $1 million.


The CAPNOVA Game Invest team is located in Copenhagen at Rådhuspladsen 16. 

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