Past companies

Our past portfolio of computer gaming companies can be seen below.

1337 Productions ApS

Develops the game E:Clik, Click, BOOM.

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Art of Crime ApS

Crimeville: Detective game for children.

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Expeditions ApS

Tactical role-playing game based on the Spaniards' invasion of Mexico.

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Full Control Studios ApS

Space Hulk: Games Workshop's famous board game turned into a computer game.

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Light Apprentice ApS

Interactive comic game book.

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Machineers ApS

Develops a puzzle and adventure game for children

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Multiverse ApS

Online gaming platform allowing users to create their own games as well as play games developed by others.

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Mustacho ApS

Max – The Curse of Brotherhood: Action/adventure game with puzzle influences.

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Playdead ApS

Limbo: Highly successful 2D puzzle-platform game.

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SYBO Games ApS

Subway Surfers: Internationally successful mobile game.

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The Silent Age ApS

Point-and-click adventure game for Android.

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World of Football ApS

Big Bite Soccer: Cross platform multiplayer football game and manager.

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