Are you an entrepreneur?
Do you dream of starting your own business?
Do you have a good idea that might be turned into good business?
Or do you have a business idea in an existing business that could be spun off into a new business?

Here you find help to get started.

  • CAPNOVA invests capital in small start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs.
  • We help you establish the business.
  • We offer advice and act as a sounding board in the difficult start-up phase and we provide a financial safety net for the business during the first few years.
  • We help you develop your business into a sustainable operation.


What type of ideas does CAPNOVA invest in?

We typically invest in new business ideas with large knowledge content. However, most importantly, your idea must hold sufficient potential for becoming good business. 

In the past few years we have focused particularly on information and communications technology, cleantech, health care, computer games and industrial innovation.

What is the size of CAPNOVA's investment?

We can invest up to DKK 6 million in a business. Typically, we make an initial investment of DKK 1-2.5 million and then inject additional capital if the business develops as expected.

What type of investment does CAPNOVA make?

Our investments are typically made in the form of capital injections with us buying an ownership share of the business while contributing subordinate loan capital which is to be repaid when the business can handle it.

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