When you have contacted us with your idea, we go through a certain process before deciding whether to invest in your idea or not.


First meeting or first talk – screening

The first thing we do after you have contacted us is that we make an initial assessment of whether we believe in your idea and you as an entrepreneur. Among others, we assess whether your idea is within the scope of our requirements.

The most important requirements are:

  • That your business – if it is already set up – is less than one year old
  • That the revenue of the business does not exceed DKK 50,000
  • That it is a new and pioneering project compared to what is already in the market

Feasibility study

If we decide that the idea is sufficiently interesting to proceed with, we initiate a feasibility study in close dialogue with you. This can take up to three months. We will e.g.:

  • Analyse your business idea and its potential in respect of patent, market, technology, competencies, financial and legal aspects
  • Validate your proposal for required investment
  • Make an agreement with you on the preconditions for a possible investment.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to determine whether it is sensible for us to invest in your business idea. If the feasibility study or part of it concludes that we do not want to invest in your business idea, we obviously call off the feasibility study.


If the feasibility study is positive and as a result we decide to invest in your business, CAPNOVA's Board of Directors makes the final decision.

If we agree to invest, your new business will be established and the project will be launched. The investment will be based on milestones, entailing that capital will only be provided if the milestones are reached on time and within the budget.  In parallel with making the investment we will participate actively at varying levels in the development of the business.

If we decline to invest in your business idea, we will motivate our decision to enable you to proceed with other investors.

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