Triband Production ApS

Develops creative mobile and computer games with a viral potential.

Triband is an independent game development company working with a specific focus on alternative games for both mobile and computer. The games often have a special expression and a simple yet captivating gameplay, resulting in a strong potential for viral sharing.

Among Triband's concepts are:

  • Progress to 100: Puzzle mobile game in which the player must use his device creatively to solve 100 challenges. The game won the category "Best artistic achievement" at the Danish game award Spilprisen 2016.
  • That Selfie Game: Mobile game with a social element, as players must take "selfies" resembling those taken by other players. The game has a built-in "party mode," making it particularly well suited as a party game and thereby promoting the possibility of spreading to new players.
  • Keyboard Sports: Computer game consisting of numerous different mini-games that use the computer's keyboard in new ways. The game has received funding for idea development from the Games Scheme under the Danish Film Institute.
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