Digital technologies

CAPNOVA invest upwards of DKK 15 million in innovative digital technologies. Read more here.

Unsilo A/S

Semantic search engine for scientific articles, enabling the discovery of new and innovative solutions.

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Icura ApS

System for home rehabilitation.

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Resilio ApS

Eliminating stress with extraordinary technology

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RoboFit ApS

Robot technology for physical rehabilitation of paralysed and injured persons.

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Tiimo ApS

Smartwatch-app for children with ADHD, Autism and Brain damage

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Apdato Technologies ApS

A management tool for managers.

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The first nordic digital platform in regards to wealth management

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Substairs ApS

Develops a software platform for communication, documentation and finance in owner associations.

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Nabto ApS

Nabto technology provides interactive connection to your devices.

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Jam Origin ApS

Connecting real instruments to computer software for training and entertainment.

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Limelight Music ApS

A free music streaming service focusing on upcoming artists.

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Sonisto ApS

Platform and webshop for sale and distribution of software plug-ins for music production programs.

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An audio fingerprinting technology that helps the music industry to monitor where and how much specific music is played on radio stations around the world.

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Social network for watch enthusiasts.

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An app for communication between co-parents

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Xsided ApS

Captivating fan experiences & effective sponsor activation

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ClearView Trade ApS

International trading made easy.

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Delogue ApS

Software managing the design-to-production process.

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EeSea ApS

Platform for the global container transport ecosystem

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Helping hotels and concierges worldwide, monetize on their personal recommendations.

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Servicelovers ApS

”Digital tips” for good service.

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UrbanWineBox ApS

Sharing economic wine cellar

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Ingenium Golf ApS

Intelligent golf equipment and web services for golf clubs and players.

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Listen to News ApS

A streaming service for news.

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Mosson ApS

App for everyone who trains trotting- and racehorses

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Ulobby ApS

Platform for lobbyists

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