Databoard ApS

Interactive information screens that engage the employees and strengthen internal communication. Databoard ApS

The company Databoard develops a web-based content management system for displaying content on large screens in premises or public spaces. Until now, info screens have been difficult to install and complicated to maintain content on. Integration with IT tools, financial systems and sales tools has correspondingly been technically demanding and expensive. Databoard has the solution for this.

With Databoard's innovative web platform, it is possible to install an info screen even with little technical knowledge, and businesses can easily choose dynamic content through a variety of standard modules (KPI, financial systems, weather, news, traffic info, calendar and much more).

Likewise, there are modules for easy integration with social media, sales systems and dashboard (e.g. Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram, Salesforce, e-conomics, web crm, Plecto, Pipedrive, etc.). All of it can be made active for the user with a touch function.

Databoard is simultaneously developing an open integration so others can develop modules for the platform – like an App Store for info screens.

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