Food Tech

CAPNOVA invest massively in the Food Tech industry. On an annual basis CAPNOVA invest upwards of DKK 25 million in the sector. Read more here.


A wireless sensor particle designed for the bio-industry

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GlycoSpot ApS

Potential game changer for the discovery and development of enzymes.

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Kaffe Bueno ApS

Develop a circular economy around coffee

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Nordic Bulk Solutions ApS

An innovative dispenser solution focused on food hygiene, sustainability and low operating costs

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PlastiSens ApS

Offers a brand new sensor technology that traces antibiotics residues in milk with an electric display.

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New technology for process optimization in the biotech industry

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RSVP Pop-up ApS

A digital platform for pop-up food events from around the world

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TakeDaily ApS

Algoritme that customizes individual vitamin and supplement profiles

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UrbanWineBox ApS

Sharing economic wine cellar

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