Subcuject ApS

New injection technique for dispensing larger quantities of drugs.

Subcuject’s product makes it possible to dispense large quantities of medicine at a time to patients and thereby lessen the inconveniences and make the use of the medicine cheaper.

New types of drugs are changing more and more from being chemically produced (small molecule) to being biologically produced (large molecule). Biologically produced medications often have a high viscosity (thick liquid, ed.) and while drug companies would like to give larger and less frequent injections, there is a need for injection methods that can handle the development.

That is why entrepreneurial enterprise Subcuject Ltd. has developed and patented a solution to a mechanical disposable pump, called Wearable Bolus Injector (WBI), which works by injecting drugs under the skin.

Nature's own power

The WBI-solutions already on the market are large and expensive and contain electronics and batteries, or are cumbersome to use. Subcuject uses nature's own force, osmosis, to conduct the injection.

"It simply runs on salt water. There is no need for electronics to control power and time, which instead is controlled by salt concentration and the area of the osmotic membrane. This also means that the device can be very small, environmentally friendly and is inexpensive to produce," says Claus Schmidt Møller, founder and CEO of Subcuject.

Claus Schmidt Møller has previously worked for Novo Nordisk, and he is, among other things, the inventor of the injection pen NovoPen 4. He has for many years worked with different solutions for injection of drugs in the human body.

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