Advalight has developed patented laser equipment for effective treatment of a range of skin disorders.

Few dermatologists use laser treatments for varicose veins, acne, scars, warts and wrinkles due to lack of knowledge and a general perception that the technology is complicated and costly. Laser therapy is therefore currently only reserved for a small group of patients.

Advalight’s laser, ADVATx, is the world’s most advanced solid state laser for effectively treating blisters, acne, scars, warts and wrinkles. The innovative technology behind ADVATx is advanced, but simple to use. ADVATx is based on five years of research from the Technical University of Denmark and has been developed for dermatologists and doctors who want to use the most advanced solutions for a variety of sought after treatments.


Advalight sells directly or through distributors to skin clinics worldwide.

What has been accomplished?
After a very long development process, ADVATx has entered the market and has been very favorably received by the first customers in Europe and the USA.

External investors

Vaekstfonden and a group of Business Angels.

Founded in 2006

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