Wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger, which means that the forces on these are also growing significantly. This results in a host of structural problems for the wing, as it may have difficulty holding on to these enormous forces. Here, the usual approach has been to repair the damage and put the blade back into operation without addressing the fundamental cause of the problem, which in many cases is that the wing’s structural integrity is inadequate. In addition, there will be a wide range of effects due to the mixture of forces when the blade rotates, which also leads to frequent damage. One of the reasons is that the test requirements used today are far from adequate.

Bladena has developed a wide range of solutions to reduce or completely eliminate these side effects and enhance the wing’s structural integrity. One of these solutions is a so-called D-String®, which is mounted in the rear edge of the blade, which completely removes the breath-like movement that occurs when a blade rotates, which destroys the adhesive joints over time. Another of the solutions is a so-called D-Stiffener ™, which is also mounted in the trailing edge, which strengthens the wing’s structural integrity without adding a lot of weight.
Bladena has developed an analysis tool (CAR Tool) that can simulate costs and especially the risk of wing damage. Loss of annual energy production (AEP) and unforeseen damage is critical for wind turbines, and with the use of CAR Tool this can be minimized. The tool, which is based on many years of wing damage data and research from the entire value chain in the wind industry, aims to support the decision-making process in connection with optimizing the operating costs of the blades. In addition, Bladena is also helping the industry improve requirements so that future tests will reflect the real operating conditions.

Bladena’s solutions ensure that the blade does not need to be repaired as often, can produce more power and is therefore cheaper to operate. As the blade becomes significantly cheaper to operate, it also ensures that the general price of wind energy becomes cheaper and more competitive. Bladena is an important partner for many major energy companies in the world, and Bladena’s business activities are widespread in many countries.

The market for wind energy is huge and is only getting bigger as countries increasingly focus on renewable energy. The global wind turbine market was estimated to be USD 81,147 million in 2016 and is estimated to rise to USD 134,000 million in 2023.

What has been accomplished?
Bladena has developed several advanced solutions and analysis tools as well as three retrofit products. The products are installed in several different types of turbines around the world. Bladena has obtained proof of concept and proof of business for its solutions and is in the process of scaling to higher volume.


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