An app for communication between joint custody parents to plan and coordinate their everyday lives and share information about the children between two homes.

Many divorced parents find that there are challenges when it comes to coordinating their child’s life due to a lack of structure between the child’s two homes. Coordinating the child’s calendar and who does what and when requires continuous overview. Need for insight into the child’s well-being and development as well as everyday details is a necessity for all parents; even if they do not live together. This overview and insight is difficult to obtain when mother and father are not together on a daily basis.
When father and mother are not in control of cooperation, planning and the child’s everyday life, the child’s well-being is negatively affected and the parents are left frustrated.

The global market is constantly growing. Western countries are in need of solutions that help the modern divorce family where both parents remain primary caregivers for the child after a divorce. In Europe and the United States, there are >2 million divorces annually and >20 million existing divorce families with children.

What has been accomplished?
CoPilots is available on IOS & Android in Danish, English and German.
The business model with a subscription solution has proven to be a solution that parents would like to commit to. The current focus is to extend the lifetime value of the users, where CoPilots currently are looking into working with onboarding and user-friendliness.

The Team
Søren Christiansen, one of the founders of CoPilots, has previously been employed in successful Danish startups such as Endomondo and Unity and has many years of experience as a developer in the tech industry. Co-founder Louise Lisner has extensive experience with the needs of divorce families and a background in educational psychology.


CoPilots gathers everything about the child’s everyday life in one place. The starting point is that parental cooperation is made easy and automated, so the focus is on the child. The child’s calendar automatically coordinates according to the attendance agreement, so that the agreements always notifies the parent for whom it is relevant. At the same time, the calendar acts as a personal assistant for both parents and can send requests for and acceptance of events, exchanges etc. That way, both parents are always automatically notified of relevant appointments and are always updated. A messaging system works with the calendar so that specific messages can be linked to specific events, but can also be used for ordinary text messages between parents. Everything is stored in the history and is easy to search for again. Practical information such as iPad codes, doctor’s phone numbers, clothing sizes and sharing of the child’s experiences through a photo library is an integral part of the app. A logbook ensures that everything about the child’s well-being and development is quickly and systematically shared between the parents. As a bonus, both parents can give more adults access, e.g. stepparents and grandparents can attend.

External investors

Ronnie Bach, Thomas Huge and Richard Petersen.

Founded in 2016

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