Delogue has developed a PLM software to streamline and facilitate communication between designers and suppliers in the fashion industry.

Today, many brands in the fashion and lifestyle industry work with product development (new shirts, pants, shoes, interiors, etc.) in complicated Excel spreadsheets. This means that they spend a lot of work hours handling redundant data and recording data multiple times in different systems. At the same time, employees communicate with their suppliers via e-mail, which means that they spend a great deal of time searching for and updating information as well as recent agreements. Overall, an unstructured process that allows errors that slow down the entire production process, ultimately leading to a highly inefficient supply chain.

Delogue PLM is a SaaS subscription-based company that offers a cloud-based PLM system with quarterly or annual prepayment of user licenses.

Delogue PLM is aimed at fashion and lifestyle companies in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and since 2019 also in Germany. In the coming years, Delogue PLM will target sales fashion and lifestyle companies globally.

By using PLM software, companies will embrace the digital transformation and thereby improve their productivity as all data is gathered in a single platform. This streamlines the interaction between design, production, management and suppliers in the production process. In this way, all parties involved always work with up-to-date information, reducing the number of errors and misunderstandings. This results in reduced costs and increased productivity. In addition, it is possible for brands to develop future products as well as collection structure based on well-documented data and analyzes prepared by the PLM system. Overall, the use of PLM software enables brands to develop quality products with reduced production time while centralizing data management and communication.

Founded in 2011

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