Caries and tooth loss affect both children and adults in many countries. Dental treatment is the fourth most expensive treatment in many industrialized countries. Better materials are needed to support caries control and prevent tooth loss. Plastic fillings bind to enamel, but the plastic material contracts over time. This allows fillings to crack or fall out. In addition, the plastic releases harmful substances that inhibit tooth regeneration. Gaps and inhibition of tooth regeneration increase the long-term risk of root canal treatment.

Dentosolve does not have the resources to market and produce Protooth itself. Therefore, the technology here is offered to dental companies as license or full acquisition. Dentosolve supports the deployment of technology, networking and implementation of Protooth to support caries control globally.

Dentosolve has developed a high-strength Protooth for dental treatments that is easy and convenient for dentist. When compared to other similar products, Protooth products are superior. Protooth stimulates cells close to the nerve to form hard tissue. It does not release acid but forms apatite that fills smaller gaps and perforations. It is the best material for sealing the ‘tooth bone’ (dentin) against bacteria. It withstands moisture and develops permanent and higher strength. Protooth is the best bioactive material available for patients with rampant caries and many deep holes. By covering very deep caries quickly, one can avoid root treatments, save many teeth, and avoid pain and discomfort, and thereby promote oral health.Protooth can revolutionize dental treatments. Dentosolve supports the research and establishment of collegiate networks supporting bioactive sealing and the implementation of calcium silicate cement to support caries control globally.

It is estimated that the turnover of competing products worldwide is approx. USD 2 billion.

What has been accomplished?
The products are developed and tested in laboratories. Regulatory approval (CE) of Protooth and Ultrafast Protooth is available. Application systems for the product have been developed. Positive expert statements have been obtained on the product.


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