Space requirements and sound quality are usually the main issue in most sound systems. In the automotive industry, space utilization is a major problem. At the same time, when you want to offer better sound quality, the problem increases. In many sound systems for both home and public areas, the desires go towards less visibility and more sound. In this regard, Fibona’s products are a good alternative when incorporating them in TVs, soundbars, mobile speakers and more.

Fibona has developed a unique design for flat speakers and has produced prototypes for several sizes between 2.5” and 5”. All with depth reductions of up to 70% and down to 13 mm for a 2.5” speaker.

The business model is either – to establish collaboration with manufacturers of loudspeakers that can offer their customers new and innovative solutions or – to enter into cooperation with manufacturers of products/solutions that include loudspeakers – TV manufacturers, audio suppliers for the automotive industry etc. In both cases the technology is made available as part of a license agreement with payment of royalties in one form or another. There are many applications for Fibona’s technology, and manufacturing costs are low enough to compete with most conventional products.

The speaker market is very large, and it makes no sense to try to outline the overall relevant market for Fibona’s technology, as it depends on the willingness and desire for innovation of the people in the market.

What has been accomplished?
The technology is fully developed and patented.
Prototypes for four sizes of speakers and a sub-woofer have been developed and tested. They are in contact with a number of manufacturers of both speakers and end products, all of whom have shown interest in the technology.

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