The company has developed the game “Forgotton Anne”, released by Square Enix. A new game is under development and a publishing agreement has been signed.



Forgotton Anne ApS

Registered office:

Title: Forgotton Anne
Genre: Adventure
Release: 2018
Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG, iOS Appstore, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Galaxy Appstore, Mac Appstore, Windows Appstore (UWP).

Awards and nominations
Forgotton Anne has received a total of 47 awards and nominations, including:

  • “Game of the year”, Spilprisen, 2019
  • “Best Debut”, Spilprisen, 2019
  • “Best Visuels”, Spilprisen, 2019
  • “Best Narrative”, Brazil’s Independent Games Festival, 2019
  • “Best PC Game”, Indigo Design Awards, 2018
  • “Best Illustration for Games”, Indigo Design Awards, 2018
  • “Best Character Design”, Indigo Design Awards, 2018


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