Hegenberger has developed a speculum that helps midwives and obstetricians to easier make stitches after birth bursts.

Eight out of ten first-born women must be sutured after giving birth. Such stitching is often a complicated and lengthy process and it is difficult to always ensure optimal results. For the newly born mother, sewing is painful and there is a risk of prolonged complications. Consequently, there has long been a demand among obstetricians and midwives all over the world for a tool that can make sewing better, faster, safer and less painful.


Hegenberger’s business strength lies in the fact that the speculum:

• Reduce processing time by up to 30%
• Reduces pain and improves overall patient experience
• Reduces the number of subsequent complications for women who have been stitched
• Reduces staff costs as a midwife or obstetrician is made redundant
• Corrects poor posture for professional staff and reduces the risk of stitching injuries

Hegenberger’s solution is a flexible plastic speculum that makes it easier for the obstetrician and midwife to sew with significantly better results. The speculum simply provide a better view of the area to sew. The speculum was developed by midwife Malene Hegenberger based on her experiences and the needs she has had for almost 20 years in her work and after doing more than 1000 stitches herself.

During first time vaginal births, 8 out of 10 women burst. This corresponds to approx. 49,000 women in Denmark, approx. 3,700,000 women in the EU and approx. 2,700,000 women in the United States each year. Hegenberger aims to cover up to 40% of this market over a short number of years.

What has been accomplished?
Hegenbergers Speculum came on the market with the finished product in September 2019 and quickly saw strong demand. A large number of agreements have been made with Danish and foreign distributors, and the company continues to experience a growing and positive interest.

External investors

Two business angels with experience in medical technology

Founded in 2017

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