iCURA is a health education training technology that supports remotely monitored home training and increased patient self-help.

More and more resources are being utilized to rehabilitate patients with joint injuries. The majority of treatment for patients in physiotherapy are paid for by the public, who must provide therapists and often pay for the patient’s transport to the treatment. Therefore, the guided training is costly and is limited to instruction and follow-up. The most important training must therefore take place outside the treatment system, which means patients must train by themselves. It turns out that patients that are left to train themselves do not get the recommended training done on their own and therefore do not achieve the desired results. This means longer sickness absence, more public treatments and poorer quality of life with consequential illnesses etc.

iCura has developed a sensor-based training system for home training. The patient places sensors in exercise-specific locations on the body and during the exercises, the sensors send data to an app that simultaneously displays exercises and guides in the execution. Data is collected and sent to a therapist who can analyze the quantity, quality and progress of the training. The analysis allows the therapist to provide corrections, new exercises, encouragements, etc. without the patient having to be with the therapist. The ICURA trainer motivates and helps the patient to complete their exercise program. Patients that use the ICURA trainer experience a higher level of training, increased motivation, and they appreciate the flexibility: With the ICURA trainer they can train when and where it suits them.


iCura equipment is sold or rented out in kits to treatment centers under the municipalities and to private physiotherapists.

There is a large and growing market for rehabilitation after accidents and illnesses, but there is an even larger market for recurrent training. It is a previously overlooked area in the health field and not least in relation to the burden of an increasing aging population.

What has been accomplished?
iCura has developed and marketed several products, and has sold to a double digit number of Danish municipalities. The company has taken the first steps to sell to health systems outside Denmark, and it is expected that 2020 will be a breakthrough for one or more markets outside Denmark.


External investors

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Founded in 2012

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