GLFR [golfer] has two primary customer groups, and GLFR creates a truly unique synergy between the two. The first group is golf clubs who want to become better at:

  • attracting guests and new members
  • retain existing members
  • run the golf club more effectively

The second group is the golfer who expects good courses and sublime service. The golf game should be at the center, and everything else should be easily handled by the player.

Ingenium Golf offers GLFR Business to golf clubs and golf course owners all over the world. GLFR Business is a SaaS solution sold in 3-year agreements.
The GLFR app for players is free, as it is crucial to get as many players as possible to use GLFR. In order to satisfy the players, the plan is that all courses in the important markets are measured in basic quality, so that the players can use the GLFR app on all the courses they play. There are now (May 2020) more than 600 courses available to players in the GLFR app.

GLFR has digitalized the golf courses and helps the clubs to:

  • present their most important asset – the golf course – completely up-to-date and accurate
  • promote club and sponsors digitally, quickly and easily
  • provide digital services to the players so that they are better informed and serviced

With the GLFR, players get a free, easy-to-use app that offers advanced features like shot tracker to help the player improve his game and upload scorecards, making the post-golf process quick and easy. The players’ data is collected in big data and delivers facts and insights that the club can use to optimize the course layout and eliminate waiting time on the course, which is one of the biggest annoyances for the golfers. The golf club hereby provides digital tools for the player that uses the GLFR app and thereby provides the clubs with data that they can use to improve their services. An amazing synergy between clubs and players are hereby formed!

GLFR targets the global golf market, which includes more than 30,000 golf courses and 60 million golfers. Marketing started in Denmark in 2014, then Norway and Sweden in 2016, Iceland in 2018, the Netherlands/Belgium from 2019, and there are test installations in Germany, France and Spain. The coming years will focus first on the EU, then the UK and then the largest golf market in the US.

What has been accomplished?
GLFR is the market leader in Denmark with 1/3 of the market, and it is possible to reach similar market shares in the rest of the world. GLFR has more than 130 golf club customers (May 2020) and they are extremely loyal with a retention rate of more than 90%.
There are (May 2020) more than 75,000 golfers using the GLFR app.


External investors

A group of Business Angels

Founded in 2012

Jacob Markussen

Founder, Ingenium Golf


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