Areas to invest in

Common to CAPNOVA’s investments is a focus on originality and a high level of knowledge. Our entrepreneurs are both the IT woman who, through new technology, will make everyday life easier for children with ADHD, the software engineer who wants us to communicate with our appliances and the doctor who will commercialize her pioneering research result. We are currently not investing in new projects.


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Investment Model

As an innovation incubator, CAPNOVA could invest up to DKK 6 million in a company. Our investments are typically capital injections, where we have bought in with an ownership interest in the company and we have also come up with loan capital, which must be repaid when the company is ready for it.

Invest in Startups within these areas

Digital Technology

We have invested in digital technologies and solutions within Fintech, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Internet of Things, (IOT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Industry 4.0, E-health, sales and commerce, music and social platforms.


The gaming industry is a billionaire industry and has long since overtaken the film industry in export revenue. As Denmark’s most active gaming investor, we have since 2006 contributed to the success of a number of computer games in the global market. This includes Subway Surfers and Limbo, among others.


We have invested widely in the entire value chain from production to convenience, but also in cross-fields in other areas such as IT, health and bio economy. Our companies provide solutions to a number of the global challenges facing the food industry.

Life Science

Denmark has a strong position within Life Science. We have a large number of promising startups within biotech, medtech and pharma that are developing the health solutions and medicines of the future with the potential to save lives, increase people’s quality of life and fulfill the industry’s great growth potential.


We invest in new industrial technologies for production and development as well as in electronics. Our entrepreneurs have, among other things, developed a revolutionary 3D X-ray technology and an innovative principle within speaker unit design.


There is a huge business potential and great international demand for innovative green solutions. Our green companies are carefully selected for their unique technologies to help the green transition and their ability to translate research into business.







A selection of companies, that went all the way


Earnings of DDK 100,000 a day.


Cheap electricity from 2,500 Danish wind turbines.


More than 260,000 people have a profile on

Good ideas that turned into great businesses. Here you can read about some of the companies that CAPNOVA has helped become successful entrepreneurs and great investments for investors.