An audio platform that makes it easy to be updated across news media and podcasts.

Many Danes want to be informed about what is happening in society and the world, but do not have the time to keep up with all the country’s news media every day. A report from DR Media Research shows that especially Danes under the age of 40 feel bad about not keeping up with current news, but they perceive the news outlets as obscure, and this causes many to give up on gaining an overview.

Listen to News offers a curated overview of today’s news from a wide range of news media that skilled editors sit and select for listeners. Because Listen to News is a platform for audio content, you can easily be updated while doing other things: when you drive to work, make dinner or clean, for example. This means that it suddenly does not require time to be updated across the country’s media. Once the listener has heard the daily news overview, the app proceeds to play clips in 5-10 minutes on current topics from the week’s podcasts. Here, the algorithms ensure that listeners who are particularly interested in, for example, tech or sports, do not miss exciting programs about their interests. In this way, the listener always experiences being broadly informed and at the same time acquire more in-depth knowledge of the topics that concern them.


Listen to News is developed for and together with its listeners to ensure that the news platform is as relevant and attractive as possible for each individual listener. It applies to everything from the functionality and design of the app to its content and audio experience. Many major news media focus primarily on producing content, and have less focus on how that content is received and understood by users. They contribute to more content, but not more overview and understanding, which is where Listen to News comes in. At the same time, Listen to News is extremely cost-effective, as many processes are automated and therefore do not require many resources.



The market for Listen to News is all those who have a guilty conscience about not keeping up with the news, but who usually do not have the time. This is especially true for Danes under the age of 40. It is estimated that at least 15% of users will convert to Listen to News Premium when introduced. The willingness to pay for news among the Danes is approx. 15%, and Listen to News’ own studies point to a significantly higher percentage if the premium product price as planned is set at DKK 25. In addition, Listen to News is in contact with potential partners in the United Kingdom and the United States, as the technology can be relatively easily transferred to several countries, hereby significantly expanding the market.

What has been accomplished?
Listen to News has been available in the App Store and Google Play since 2019 and has thousands of monthly, unique users. The company is working on launching a Premium version in the course of 2020, and is in dialogue with a wide range of media and podcasters to expand the content range. In addition, the company is in contact with potential partners in England and the United States.


External investors

Berlingske media, Vaekstfonden and a group of Business Angels

Founded in 2014

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