ParticleTech is a flexible and non-invasive method for measuring crystallization and fermentation processes in production tanks.

A number of production processes based on crystallization and fermentation take place in the dark. There are no analysis methods fast enough to provide results that can be used to adjust the ongoing process. This means an uneven result in both quality and quantity of finished products. Since the finished products are often very valuable, a deviation of 3% in the quantity produced can represent major losses compared to optimal production.

The analysis equipment is sold as a complete package including introduction and support.

ParticleTech provides analysis equipment that can provide instant information on the evolution of crystallization and fermentation processes through optical analysis.

There are a large number of companies in the process industries where monitoring of crystallization and precipitation processes is essential to the productivity of the tank. In the sugar industry alone, there are 108 factories and more than 2,000 tanks in Europe. In addition, there are very large markets in South America, the United States, Africa and India.

What has been accomplished?
The product is developed and CE marked. Finished systems have been sold to eight corporations in Europe.

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Founded in 2017

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