PERE monetizes personal recommendations. The Co-founders and Management consist of successful senior executives from the service and IT industries.


Worldwide, in every major city millions of bookings and reservations worth billions of dollars are made based on personal recommendations. Hotel concierges, front desk staff and Airbnb hosts form a vital procurement factor, making them an indispensable part in any city’s restaurant, transport, and attraction industries. Up until now hotels and their staff have rarely been paid for the business they send to local suppliers. We are changing this with technology.

PERE charge restaurants for every guest a hotel sends them. PERE takes a 30% cut of every transaction and pay the rest to concierges and hotels.

Hotels recommend and book Restaurants for 11% of their guests. With 5.43 Bn
Global overnight visitors (2017) PERE are tapping into a white space market of 597 million restaurant guests with a potential revenue to PERE of almost 3 billion USD .


Through the technology platform PERE secure commissions from suppliers and distribute them back to those who made the bookings.

Concierges from some of the finest 5 star hotels in London and Copenhagen are already using PERE including concierges from Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental, Waldorf, and D´angleterre. The concierges have already registered more than 25,000 restaurant guests via PERE and the growth is exponential.

External investors

Professional international industry investors including Airbnb executives.

Founded in 2016

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