RoboFit is a training robot for shoulder-injured patients that are unable to lift their arm and start a normal course of rehabilitation.

A large number of patients are not optimally rehabilitated after shoulder surgeries or shoulder injuries. An important part of the explanation for this is that for many people it is not possible to train without assistance, since they are unable to lift their arm themselves. These injuries can be very long lasting, and require a lot of patience to find motivation in the often minimal progress from time to time. Only approx. 30% follow the therapists’ advice on scope and frequency. The consequence of the lack of rehabilitation can be very long sick leaves or early retirement. Both are extremely costly for societies.

RoboFit’s training robot has been the subject of a number of trials with positive results and has also been sold to 3 municipalities in Denmark as well as to an international distributor.

RoboFit has developed a training robot that can act as a physiotherapist, allowing the patient to work out unaccompanied and more – ultimately at home. The robot displays the relevant exercises on a tablet and monitors the patient’s performance in both quantity and quality, while measuring progress in muscle strength and mobility. The latter is extremely important for the patient’s motivation in a long rehabilitation course. Data from the training is collected and presented to the therapist, who can engage with new exercises and change quantity and weight. In addition, time spent by the therapists on documentation of training results is saved and more useful data for documentation and further processing is achieved.

In Denmark, it is estimated that there is an annual need for the implementation of 24,000 rehabilitation programs related to shoulder injuries, which can be optimally trained with RoboFit.

What has been accomplished?
RoboFit has developed and CE-marked its training robot. The robot has been subject to numerous tests in municipalities and privately. Currently, robots have been sold to three Danish municipalities and an international distributor.

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