MRSA, COVID-19, or other similar bacterial/viral infections have shown to be highly contagious, harmful, and difficult to eliminate. Tiny drops of e.g. coronavirus can survive for up to several days on surfaces such as countertops, door handles and bed fences and thereby spread further despite cleaning and other measures. A hospital houses both people who are infected and people who are susceptible to infection. Leftover microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are often to blame for nosocomial infections. This costs many people their lives, and makes it challenging to reduce the risk of infection during and after treatment.

With the help of the tested and patented Sterisafe technology, hospitals and the like can efficiently and affordably achieve the highest degree of disinfection on all surfaces and in the air. Currently, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, etc. disinfect manually with cloths and chlorine. However, they rarely become completely clean. The Sterisafe robot moves easily from room to room and performs quick and safe disinfection. Simply move the device into the room and start the process remotely via a tablet. Everything is fully automated and monitored. After disinfection, the robot runs the entire process backwards. In doing so, it converts the remaining oxidants into pure oxygen, all the while removing particles and nanoparticles. It is then completely safe to use the room again. There is no need for a protective mask or open windows. STERISAFE PRO leaves no residual materials or harmful by-products. Studies show that the Sterisafe robot has a very high efficiency. 99.999 percent of all viruses and bacteria are removed.

Sterisafe have made the first automated robot with space monitoring, cloud service and data reporting, which, with a special cleaning technology based on ozone, removes all dangerous bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. This applies to all surfaces, the air, as well as corners and cracks. When you oxidize bacteria, viruses and general pollution in the air, a waste product consisting of very small particles is produced. Unlike other solutions, STERISAFE PRO removes these harmful particles along with all other residues left in the room after the disinfection phase. This means that the room is always safe to use afterwards. The primary goal of the development of the Sterisafe product has been to develop a solution for use in hospitals. However, there are several other segments with a similar need to improve the hygienic conditions. Examples include food production and cruise ships.

The global healthcare system is severely affected by the costs associated with hospital infections. In the United States alone, treatment for a single person is estimated to cost more than $ 26,000. In Europe, patients spend a total of 16 million extra days in hospital as a result of the infections, and the direct costs consist of 7 billion EURO per year. The rise in disease outbreaks on passenger ships is a major problem, leaving thousands of people sick. One of the world’s largest cruise ships is currently operating two STERISAFE robots on board to disinfect spaces and thereby prevent such outbreaks. Globalized food trade, extensive production and complex supply chains in the food industry are contributing to an increased number of microbiological food safety outbreaks. Transmitted infection can damage a company’s reputation, causing significant financial losses. The global market size for antiseptics and disinfectants was estimated at $ 16.75 billion in 2018. Rising cases of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) based on lack of hygiene are contributing to market growth.

What has been accomplished?
Sterisafe ApS was established in 2019 as a spin-off company from Infuser Holding ApS. The sale of robots in March 2020 alone corresponded to the entire turnover of last year. The company meets a very large interest in the market and great growth in business activities. Health Tech Hub Copenhagen has named Sterisafe ApS as one of the leading companies in the fight against corona.

Founded in 2019 as a spin-out from Infuser Holding ApS under the same ownership.

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