New types of medicine are increasingly moving from being chemically manufactured to being biologically produced. Biologically produced medicines often have a high viscosity (i.e. viscous) and since the pharmaceutical companies would like to give larger and less frequent injections at the same time, injection methods are needed to handle this development. The solution to this is Subcuject’s patented disposable pump, supplied ready for use with the desired medicine by the pharmaceutical company.

With Subcuject’s injection unit, resources are saved and at the same time patients avoid the problems associated with other methods – multiple pricks, pain, frequent injections, leaks, etc.
The portable solutions already on the market are large and expensive and contain electronics and batteries, or are difficult to use. Subcuject uses nature’s own power, osmosis, to drive the injection.

Subcuject has developed an injection unit that allows large quantities of viscous medication to be dispensed at a time to patients, thereby reducing the inconvenience and it makes the use of the medicine cheaper. Patients can even administer the injection from the small unit attached to the body, whether at home or in the hospital. The device is for single use and comes with the specific medicine from the pharmaceutical company.
The impetus is something as simple as salt water. There is no need for electronics to control power and time, which are instead controlled by salt concentration and the area of the osmotic membrane. At the same time, this means that the unit is very small, environmentally friendly and cheap to produce. Claus Schmidt Møller, the inventor of the disposable pump and one of the founders of Subcuject, has previously worked for Novo Nordisk and is the inventor of the NovoPen 4 injection pen.

The market for the injection unit is all the pharmaceutical companies that produce medicines where there is a need to give patients frequent injections. The market is growing and the potential is estimated to be USD 800 million in 2027.

What has been accomplished?
Subcuject disposable pump is ready for market in 2020 and the company is in dialogue with a number of pharmaceutical companies about the use of the technology.

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