ADHD and autism are neuropsychiatric disorders, which means that one may have difficulty focusing, organizing, remembering and engaging in social interaction in everyday life. It greatly affects a person’s development, education and family life – and has major economic consequences for the individual and society. Existing aids on the market are largely analog tools, which are ineffective, stigmatizing and non-portable. Furthermore, there are no methods to collect feedback and data in real-time on how the individual is feeling and developing, which can be shared with parents, teachers or clinicians who make decisions about strategy and treatment. Tiimo has created a digital solution for this.

Tiimo has developed an app for smartphones and smart watches, which makes it easier to plan everyday life and get the support you need. With Tiimo, it is possible to set up a visual schedule where you can create activities and routines that you need to remember. The form can be personalized and adapted to the individual using text, colors, icons and images, as well as the degree to which you want to be reminded. The app will then guide you through the day through a visual timeline, provide ongoing motivational reminders, celebrate successes, as well as provide an overview of the entire day. Tiimo saves time on planning for adult users, parents and support persons, and provides increased focus, confidence and independence to the end user. This solution is on the market today. With the further development of Tiimo into a medical app, Tiimo wants to give the user the opportunity to give feedback on his mood, his feelings, symptoms and medication use. Additionally, the smart watch app collects physical data from sleep, activity and heart rate in order to come up with intelligent observations of behavioral patterns in relation to everyday activities, which can be used for support in decision-making and optimization of treatment of the individual – as well as for research in ADHD and autism.

Tiimo is a digital and discreet solution, which is based on evidence-based research that work for people with ADHD and autism – and the app is recommended by the National Board of Health and Welfare as part of the National ADHD Action Plan. Tiimo is a B2C subscription model, which costs DKK 79 per month for the user after a free trial period of 30 days and can be downloaded for Android and iOS worldwide. The few existing digital competitors in the market lack functionality, design and cannot be used for smart watches, which is deemed the platform of healthcare apps of the future.

It is estimated that 5-7 percent of all children and 3 percent of adults in the world have ADHD, as well as 1 percent of the world’s population have autism. This means that Tiimo has a global market of up to 280 million people. At the same time, the market for ADHD medication is close to DKK 18 billion USD per year and is expected to grow to 23 billion USD in 2024.

What has been accomplished?
Tiimo launched its app on the Danish market in Q1 2018 and in English worldwide in Q2 2019 and today has users in 65 countries, and has MRR of DKK 45,000 per month. The company is working on developing the app into a medical app, and is in dialogue with a number of pharma companies. The company also received an investment in 2020 from the founders of the e-learning platform and app Kahoot!, which has more than 1 billion users worldwide.

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