WARM have created warmmusic.net, where people in the music industry can upload their music and get an overview of exactly where and when the songs are played on radio stations around the world.

Tracking where and when music is played on radio stations around the world has long been an impossible task, as current solutions on the market primarily sell expensive and limited solutions to the largest companies in the music industry. This means that it is largely impossible for artists, bands, managers, radio promoters, record companies and licensees to verify where and when music is being played on the radio. As a result, most of the music industry does not have the opportunity to utilize the data to retrieve royalties, and to a large extent optimize marketing, promotion, tour booking etc. As well as finding fanbases and listeners in the respective country, city and radio station.

The company sells radio monitoring data to the global music industry (artists, bands, record companies, managers, radio promoters, booking agents and publishers.) In addition, the company is developing a number of additional products such as AI radio promotion, AI radio hit prediction, radio charts based on genres and a royalty calculator.


WARM uses “MusicDNA”, which is a combination of audio fingerprinting technology and music recognition, to capture in real time, exactly where and when a song is played on a given radio station, and for how long.
This system forms the basis for the warmmusic.net platform, where the music industry can upload their music, and thereby be informed about, and have an overview of exactly where and when the songs are played on the radio.

The company’s market is largely professional and semi-professional persons and independent companies in the music industry such as record companies and managements. The market is global, and currently WARM has 20% users from the US and 50% from the EU, the rest is from LATAM, Asia, Africa etc.

 What has been accomplished?

  • They have achieved an MRR of € 13,000 as of April 1, 2020.
  • They have grown more than 100% to a revenue of € 107,000 in 2019 and expect revenue in 2020 of € 300,000.
  • They have raised a total of € 1.9 million since December 2016 and the last valuation post money is € 4.5 million.
  • Counting 10 employees as of April 1, 2020
  • They have invested in IP, and now owns 10% of the data provider (MusicDNA).
  • They have launched WARMCHARTS.com, a global and weekly leaderboard (radio airplay chart) that shows exactly which radio hits are the biggest in the world and at the country level.



External investors

Sony Mobile Communications, Primotex, Insciens Invest, Elissa Freiha, Sjelborg Invest, Promise Rich Inc and Bach Technology

Founded in 2016

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