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Profit of one million per employee

Ghost Ship Games was founded by a group of veterans from the Danish and foreign gaming industry. With titles like “Prince of Persia”, “Far Cry” and “Kane & Lynch” on the resume, the six founders have joined forces and have already made their mark on the gaming industry.

The gaming company was established in 2016 with CAPNOVA as an investor. Half a year later, the interest in the company was so great that a new, strong collaboration with publisher and investor Coffee Stain became a reality. CAPNOVA then sold its shares with a very reasonable return.

 In 2019, the first release, the critically acclaimed Deep Rock Galactic, sold half a million copies.

More than 90 percent of the over 13,000 people, who have so far reviewed the game on the Steam gaming portal, have rated their experience with the game as “very satisfied”.

 The game sells all around the world with the majority of sales in the US and Germany, but also large sales in Russia, China and Japan.

Now, the company has 20 employees and a handful of new positions need to be filled (2019).

Already in the second fiscal year, the company was able to report a profit of DKK 18.6 million before tax – more than DKK 1 million per employee (ItWatch).

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