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More than 2,500 companies have CO2 neutral websites. calculates the electricity consumption of companies’ websites, and thereby how much CO2 the website emits. The companies participating in the initiative have CO2 emissions from their website neutralized by supporting CO2 neutralizing projects equal to the amount of CO2 emitted. The companies then get a CO2 neutral icon, which they can display, on their website.

No was established in 2009 as a voluntary project in Forskerparken in Aarhus as a prelude to the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen.

In 2009, CAPNOVA provided start-up capital for further development and dissemination of the initiative. CAPNOVA exited the company in 2014.

Today, over 2,500 companies from more than 50 countries are participating in the initiative. Thomas Cook Airlines, Codan Insurance and Call me.

The CO2 neutralization projects supported by include setting up energy-efficient cookers in Africa, investing in renewable energy sources and preserving rainforest.

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