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Ulobby is a B2B SaaS-platform which provides all the tools needed to monitor issues and stakeholders, manage activities and gather political intelligence.

Political regulation is becoming an increasing threat to organisations & companies globally as new legislation can shut down a business overnight. Ulobby’s vision is to strengthen democracy by opening up the political processes and enable more people, companies and organisations to influence the political agenda. Their mission is to develop tools for Public Affairs professionals, which make their daily tasks easier and make them superstars inside their organisations. 

Over the years Ulobby have successfully been developing their technology and refining their products. The company have progressed from a political monitoring tool to becoming a SaaS company providing critical infrastructure around handling political risk and stakeholder management. 

By combining data-driven political insights with intuitive digital tools for handlings internal as well as external stakeholders, we provide companies and organisations across Europe with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Ulobby’s target clients are large, multinational corporates and organisations with a high level of complexity and cross border issues. The main focus for 2019 was to dominate the arena of political software, and they are increasingly benefiting from wider international trends within political regulation, especially concerning the development of political risk assessments and internal focus on stakeholder management as well as a greater focus on digitizing internal work flows.

What has been accomplished?
2019 has been a good year for Ulobby with new possibilities emerging from elections and political change across key markets. They have executed on their strategy and plans for 2019 and successfully entered the strategic market in Belgium in the past year. In addition, they have expanded revenue in the Danish market as well as intensified their Nordic market focus. They are also excited about gaining new clients in the Nordic market which supports Their plans for expansion in Sweden and Norway in 2020. On the technology side they have made great progress – together with researchers from the University of Copenhagen – in developing new functions in the area of stance detection and semantic analysis, which is planned to be launched for existing as well as new target groups in 2020-2021.


External investors

Cullen International, Business Angels and Innovation Fund Denmark.

Founded in 2016

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