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Cheap electricity from 2,500 Danish wind turbines and satisfied customers.

Vindstø has built an efficient IT platform that automates a large part of the calculations and administrative processes associated with electricity sales. This allows the company to lower electricity prices compared to established players in the market.

Vindstød was founded in 2011. CAPNOVA helped start up the company and in 2015 sold its shares with a nice profit.

Electricity from Vindstø comes exclusively from Danish wind turbines and does not emit CO2 – therefore you ‘save’ 469 g. CO2 per kilowatt-hour compared to the electricity you receive as a consumer if you have not purchased individually declared electricity.

Vindstød had the cheapest quarterly prices for electricity in 2016 for both apartments and houses, according to the Danish Utility Regulator.  

The company is not just doing well on the price. In a survey of customer satisfaction with Danish electricity companies from 2017, Vindstød is definitely top scorer, and it is especially the company’s environmental profile that the customers highlight.

In December 2016, Vindstød was sold to Swedish Vattenfall, which plans to scale up the company so that more consumers can benefit from Vindstød’s cheap electricity prices.

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