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More than 260,000 people have a profile on Nabohjæ

Naboor has developed a digital solution that allows people to send and receive alerts if something suspicious happens in the immediate area. In addition, the system allows you to notify your trusted neighbors when you go on vacation, so that they can keep an eye on the house when it is ‘home alone’. Naboor has hereby made it easier for neighbors to help each other avoid burglary.

Naboor was founded in 2010 with the vision of delivering a product that actually lowers the level of crime in Denmark. This became a reality in collaboration with the Tryg Foundation and the Criminal Prevention Council and their joint project ‘Nabohjælp’.

CAPNOVA invested in the company in 2010 and was involved from the very beginning. CAPNOVA sold its shares in 2015.

Naboor’s digital neighbor assistance solution was donated in 2012 to the Crime Prevention Council, which today manages the solution, which is now called Nabohjæ However, Naboor is still responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system.

Today, more than 260,000 people have a profile on Nabohjæ

Nabohjælp can reduce burglary, vandalism and other crimes by up to 25%. In addition, residents in neighboring neighborhoods feel more secure and have greater respect for and patience with each other. 

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