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ResoTher Pharma develops new drugs with anti-inflammatory effect for patients who have had a heart attack.

Blood clots in the heart are a very frequent cause of death. There is a growing prevalence of deaths globally due to increasing life expectancy. According to WHO, blood clots in the heart account for more than 30% of global mortality. Thus, more people die from blood clots than from all forms of cancer and traffic killings combined. Patients who have had a blood clot in the heart are at high risk of having new heart attacks as well as a number of consequential diseases with consequent high costs for both the individual and the community.

ResoTher aims to develop a drug with anti-inflammatory effect. The goal is to develop peptide-based drugs for use in patients who, after surgery for a blood clot, suffer from inflammation of the heart. Among these patients, there is a high frequency of new blood clots or other serious heart failures. According to the research, these effects are a consequence of inflammation (swelling) in the blood vessels.


ResoTher’s business potential lies in being able to develop a drug that can be used in the treatment of patients so that, after having a blood clot, they can have a functioning life where they are at less risk of new blood clots and failure of heart function.

What has been accomplished?
ResoTher expects to launch its first clinical trials in 2020.

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