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In the physical locations in the service industry (retail, restaurant, hotel and entertainment), employees are the most important factor for a good customer experience. Several analyzes indicate that it is the employees that are the main reason why customers and guests return. It is also the employees who create the good or bad service stories that are told in the network. In the service industry there are only mystery shopping, NPS measurements, exit analyzes etc. The aim of all management tools is to give the management an insight into the level of service, which they then can pass on to the employees (and typically scold!). However, it does not give employees a genuine interest in providing good service – there is a lack of a WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

The companies have tablet stands in their shops, restaurants and hotels. With each tablet, one-click customers can tell if they are satisfied with the in-store service. Then, with a few clicks, dissatisfied customers can mark what they are dissatisfied with (service, wait, etc.) and you can enter a personal comment. If the customer clicks “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”, the tablet asks if the customer would like to thank the employee who served the customer. The customer can say thank you with a single click on a photo of the employee, and the customer can then mark what the employee was good at (advice, hospitality, flexibility, friendliness, etc.) and possibly leave a comment. All store employees have a personal profile on the Servicelovers mobile app. When an employee receives a thank you and possibly a customer comment, the mobile app pings, and the recommendation goes to the employee’s profile. Here, the employee can see what satisfied customers say and what their colleagues have received from comments. Employees can also “Like” each other’s recommendations and distribute digital pats. Servicelovers provide service employees with their own digital resume. They can also show what customers think they are especially good at. This increases motivation and commitment and at the same time improves earnings.

Business customers who subscribe to Servicelovers experience an improved level of service with more motivated staff talking about service (for example, over lunch when they check the recommendations they and their colleagues have received from customers during the day). It becomes very acknowledging when an employee now receives recognition from a customer that everyone can see and “like” or comment on. Companies gain full insight, through a web dashboard, in which employees are the customers’ favorite and why they are good. They can see which characteristics (e.g. accommodating, skilled etc.) for which the customers have rated them. The dashboard, which provides real-time measurements, shows what customers think about the service and it is easy to see where and at what time the service should be improved.

The markets for retail, entertainment and hospitality are huge with over 35 million employees in the US, UK and Denmark alone.

What has been accomplished?
Servicelovers has built a strong web and app IT platform, which currently is used by the following chains: Jack & Jones, BabySam, Daells Bolighus, Skousen, Skoringen, Palæo bars, Grillen Burgerbar, Hotel Schæffergården etc. Servicelovers has grown by 33% over the past six months.

External investors

Vaekstfonden, Dain Partners and six Business Angels

Founded in 2014

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